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Thu May 21st
Hendry arrives in Malaysia safely.

Fri May 22nd
Hendry meets the group that is going with him to Sarawak.

Sun May 26th
Hendry visits his home church where he preached his first sermon when he was 16 years old. It was Methodist Women service.
The church was started in 1919. When he left for the UK they had about 150 members, now there are 350! The original little chapel was rebuilt in 1953 to hold 150 people. In 2011, they rebuilt it again and it now holds 500.
After the service Hendry went on a hill climb — training for the jungle!

Wed May 25th

Hendry has developed a terrible cough and ask for everyone's prayers

Fri May 31st
Hendry is feeling a lot better today and is fasting and there is a prayer meeting tonight for all the people going with him into Sarawak. Please join with him in asking God's blessing on their work.

Sat June 1st
The flight to Sarawak is at 08.30 am and Hendry safely arrives in Sarawak.

Hendry meets Pastor R Steven and they visit some Hindu families and prayed with them.

Sun June 2nd
Hendry is sharing in a Gawai (Harvest) Festival tonight. Pray that God will give him the right words — most of the people will be non-Christians.

Mon June 3rd
They have a very good healing service this evening. Praise the Lord!

Tue June 4th
Another well-attended meeting this evening.

Wed June 5th
Tomorrow is Hendry's last night in Kuching (the Tamil part of our ministry). On Friday morning he will be traveling to Bintalu, Long Malim for the Penan ministry.

Thu June 6th
From the airport to the village is about 5 hours by four-wheel drive vehicle on very rough roads.

Hendry has been asked to preach on Pentecost Sunday. Please continue to pray for the Penan ministry.

Penan is the smallest tribe in Sarawak and, due to the sensitivity around this ministry Hendry won't be sending any photos or other information whilst he is in Bintalu but you will get to hear of it later! Also there is no electricity or internet so that's it until 12th June!

Wed June 12th
Hendry writes "Thank you for all of your prayers. I got out of the Penan jungle safely and am now staying at a hotel in Bintalu. My experience with the Penan people broke my heart — it was too much for me to take in. I still can't control my emotions — I will share more with you all in person when I return.

Please pray for the Iban ministry which begins tomorrow (Thu). My flight to Sibu is at 7.10 am and then it is a 4 hour boat ride up the Rajang River to Kapit (only accessible by river — no roads!). I have been asked to speak at a Pastor's gathering to encourage them."

Tue June 18th
Here is some information about the ethnic groups within the Sarawak population (total 2017 = 2.79 million) :
Iban 28.6%
Malay 22.9%
Chinese 22.3%
Bidayuh 7.8%
Orang Ulu 6.4%
"Foreigner" 6.2%
Melanau 5.1%
Other 0.6%

Please pray for all of the above groups — the harvest is plenty!

Hendry writes:
Here is the boat on which we went up to Kapit, 4 hours to cover 142 Km. On the way we saw a crocodile!

Thursday 13th
On arrival at Kapit we went to B.E.M. (Borneo Evangelical Mission) also known as S.I.B. in Malay (Sidang Ingil Borneo). This is the church where I had the privilege of speaking to a group of pastors and evangelists — encouraging them to keep going.

Friday 14th
The next morning we were taken up the Rajang river (which is the largest in Malaysia) to a traditional long house by long boat. The ride was only one hour — but that was more than enough for my back!

On our arrival, we were met by a welcome party from the long house . . .

And then we did activities with the children, shared fellowship and enjoyed their hospitality . . .

Back in Sibu , I preached at B.E.M. (or S.I.B.) . . .

Wed June 19th
I am now back in West Malaysia, a little bit browner! I didn't know that even I can get sunburned!!

This weekend (June 22-23rd) I will be ministering in Nusa in Johor State, the most southerly area of West Malaysia, very close to Singapore.

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